The battle of the sexes. Again.

sex, relationships, romance, love, life, womenOne of the 5/10’s at work came in this morning and after an hour or two of solitary blubbing, finally revealed that the reason for her angst was that her bloke had left her for another bird.

Inevitably, the news spread like wildfire and within minutes, the coven had convened which meant that not only did all work cease, but the males amongt us were subjected to Adele’s entire back catalogue. Apparently she has perfectly captured the essence of how it feels for a woman to go through the emotional trauma of a relationship breakdown and has managed to encapsulate every fibre tearing, gut wrenching second of it into her music. Or as I like to put it, she sings about being dumped.

Of course the fact that this 5/10 loved this bloke with all of her heart whilst he apparently regarded her as little more than a sperm receptacle meant that the rule of collective responsibility was applied thus meaning that all males, myself included, were to blame for her despair. However, given that none of us even know this geezers name let along know anything about him, being labelled an arsehole because of his actions did not sit well with us males.

However, as usual our complaints relating to this unfairness fell on deaf ears and so we rallied and staged a pro-lad rebellion which quickly escalated into yet another episode in the ongoing skirmish of the sexes.

Our opening shot was the simple truth that if he ran off with another woman, one of their own is equally guilty. More so in fact, because she would almost certainly have known that he was attached. The second salvo we fired off involved us pointing out that the 5/10 involved is hardly a paragon of virtue and indeed, has a reputation for putting it about. Hence, if you live by the (pork) sword, you die by the (pork) sword.

Inevitably this was met with the bog standard ignoring of the basic facts and the usual volley of ‘sexist-pigs’ and ‘you don’t understand’ style abuse which merely served to reinforce my belief that when it comes to relationships, women as a sex are incapable of accepting either blame or logic when things go wrong.

Sensing blood, the more sensitive (and for that read ‘attached’) among us were about to play the ‘we don’t understand why women go for scum bags anyway’ card when all of our good work was undone by one of the single lads who suggested that the main reason why she got dumped was probably because she’s a crap shag. And having -to coin a phrase- been there and done that, he should know.

In terms of defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory, this was as epic a case as you will ever see for the subsequent vitriol aimed at us from the enemy had even those of us hardened to such things diving for the trenches.

How can you ever hope to win an argument with women when you’re faced with the kind of hypocrisy which makes it unacceptable for a male to question a female’s sexual prowess but perfectly acceptable for them to slaughter ours?

Oh yes….. you can’t.

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